The Use of Literary Work Analysis in the Formation of High Human Feelings in Students


  • Atamuradova Rokhila Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute named after A. Qodiriy
  • Jumanova Nasiba Sherbaevna Teacher of the Department of General Psychology
  • Abduvaliyeva Nilufar Nematulla qizi Master of Pedagogy and Psychology I stage master


intellegient, pedagogical, D. Q.Husanboeva, Literature, techniques


The methods that are entering our national pedagogy under the name of "new pedagogical technology" also mean achieving high results in a short time without excessive mental and physical effort from the student-teacher. In a short period of time, the formation of theoretical knowledge in them, the formation of skills, competencies and spiritual qualities in a particular activity, as well as their control and evaluation requires high pedagogical skills and knowledge of the teacher.


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