Commonwealth of Independent States - 30 Years Old


  • Khodjaev Erkin Normatovich Honored Economist of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Professor of the department of "Finance" Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service


States, wealth, Old


By the end of the twentieth century, the situation in the USSR was deteriorating, living standards were declining, the political, economic and social situation was becoming more complicated, and inter-republican and inter-ethnic relations were deteriorating. At a time when the whole of the Soviet Union was facing increasingly difficult situation, the question arose as to whether the political and economic relations between the Union and its constituent republics should be determined by agreement. Such an agreement was originally called the Commonwealth of Independent States. However, Academician Hoji Akbar Rahmonkulov, the State Adviser to the First President of Uzbekistan, who took part in drafting and discussing the agreement, proposed to change the agreement to the Commonwealth of Independent States. This proposal was approved by many.




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