Problems of Expanding the Participation of Employees in the Purchase of Share Capital


  • Zaynalov Jakhongir Rasulovich Professor of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service


fund, joint stock company, share capital, corporation, technology, capital, financial resources


This article analyzes the development of the sale of shares of joint-stock enterprises to employees. The first attempts are made to sell share capital to workers, the role of share capital purchases and its impact on social protection of the population and employment are noted. Within the framework of the experience of market developed countries, the formation of share capital is analyzed, and the sale of a part of it to employees and the pursuit of an active policy in life, the so-called plans for the participation of a part of those employed in useful labor in the property of the company for 70-80 years of the 20th century, it is noted that the study and implementation of the sale of shares to workers facilitated the adoption of extended steps on the establishment and expansion of joint stock companies of the domestic economy, which contributed to the increase in labor productivity. The article also notes that state support for this policy has a positive effect on the increase in the property of the employed, and this process will progress.


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