Functions and Methods of Pedagogical Research


  • Abdullaeva Komila Tursunovna Independent researcher KARSHI STATE UNIVERSITY, Karshi.Uzbekistan
  • Kobilova Zarnigor Bayramaliyevna Student, Karshi State University, Karshi.Uzbekistan
  • Tantiyeva Dilrabo Berdinazar qizi Student, Karshi State University, Karshi.Uzbekistan


Anatomy, physiology, integration, dialectical, historical materialism, science of science, sociology, aesthetics, technical sciences - cybernetic, mathematical, computer pedagogy


This article discusses the preparation of the young generation for life in this and future society, carried out through specially created state and public structures, controlled and corrected by society; purposeful influence on a person in order to form certain value orientations, principles of behavior, assessment systems, attitudes towards oneself, other people, work, society.


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