Basics of State Regulation of Business


  • Berdikulov Samandar is a student of the Faculty of Socio-Economics at GulSU
  • Shahida Sadikova is a lecturer at the Department of Economics at GulSU


Entrepreneurship, small business, gross domestic product, budget, small and medium business, tax rates, digital economy, State Property Committee, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs, Union of Farmers and Farms, Trade union and insurance organizations


We must remove all obstacles and pitfalls to the development of entrepreneurship, which is the main driving force of our economy. For this purpose, in our Constitution, we must strengthen the norm that the state creates all conditions for the free movement of goods, services, labor and financial resources in our country, for the development of internal and external trade. This is the demand of the times and the reforms we have started.


Monograph "Specific aspects of small business development in the regional economy", Gulistan-2022. national legal base of the Republic of Uzbekistan




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