Insurance Market of the Republic of Uzbekistan During the Pandemic


  • Tugizova Malika Sohib kizi Tashkent State Economic University, Faculty of Finance and Accounting, 3rd year student


Coronavirus pandemic, insurance market, life insurance, insurance organizations, insurance premiums, sum insured


The coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine restrictions imposed in connection with it, starting from March 2020, became a harbinger of a decline in business activity in the country, which in turn had a negative impact on the growth of the insurance market not only in the world, but also in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Insurance companies are forced to deal with the increased flow of claims from individuals and businesses.


Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 2, 2019 No. 4412 “On measures to reform and ensure the accelerated development of the insurance market of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. “Information on the state of the insurance services market in 2020.”

Khalmirzaev A.A., Egamberdieva U.T. "Development of the global insurance market in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic" // "Materials of the Republican Scientific and Practical Online Conference" 2020. (124 pages) et_strahovanie_ot_covid-19/




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