• Vokhidov Oybek Rozikovich Researcher of Karshi State University


commercial banks, deposit, liability, transaction deposit, term deposit


In this article, in order to check the stability of the resource base of commercial banks, JSC Uzsanoatkurilishbank, JSC Asakabank, JSC Turonbank and PJSC Trustbank were selected from the commercial banks operating in our country according to their size and form of ownership. According to the results of the analysis, only in JSC Turonbank, the weight of household deposits in total deposits was much higher than in other commercial banks. This, in turn, means that effective work is being carried out to attract public deposits in this bank.

Also, in JSC Uzsanoatkurilishbank and JSC Asakabank the share of household deposits in total deposits has increased. However, in small banks like JSC Turonbank and PJSC Trustbank the share of household deposits in total deposits decreased. This situation confirms the high level of confidence of the population in the large state owned banks.


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