Ahmed R. Al-Owaidi Decoding Brand Loyalty Among Iraqi Mobile Users


  • Ahmed R. Al-Owaidi Al-Qasim Green University, Babylon 51013, Iraq
  • Zena F. Alhaelegy College of Health and Medical Technology- Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Masar Kadhim College of sciences, Al-Qasim Green University, Babylon 51013, iraq


Brand Personality, Brand Loyalty, Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication


This study investigates the impact of brand personality perceptions, specifically sincerity, excitement, competence, and sophistication, on consumer loyalty within the context of the Babil Governorate in Iraq. Utilizing a survey instrument and analyzing eighty-two valid responses with SPSS, the research finds that brand personality significantly influences brand loyalty. Notably, excitement, competence, and sophistication dimensions affect brand loyalty differently, while sincerity shows no discernible impact. The study underscores the importance for companies to prioritize brand personality in fostering customer loyalty and suggests avenues for future research, such as exploring additional dimensions of brand personality and considering mediating variables. Implications highlight the need for a deeper understanding of how brand personality shapes customer satisfaction and loyalty, advocating for larger and more diverse sample sizes to enhance research robustness.



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Al-Owaidi, A. R., Alhaelegy, Z. F., & Kadhim, M. (2024). Ahmed R. Al-Owaidi Decoding Brand Loyalty Among Iraqi Mobile Users. Academic Journal of Digital Economics and Stability, 37(3). Retrieved from https://economics.academicjournal.io/index.php/economics/article/view/890