The Effect of Burnout, Compensation and Work Life Balance on the Performance of Isolation Room Nurses During the Covid-19 Pandemic. (Study on RSUP Prof. Dr. RD Kandou Manado)


  • Stefiani Regina Songkilawang Student of Management Masters Study Program, Postgraduate Faculty of Economics, Sam Ratulangi University, Manado
  • David PE Saerang Postgraduate Faculty of Economics, Sam Ratulangi University, Manado
  • Irvan Trang Postgraduate Faculty of Economics, Sam Ratulangi University, Manado


Burnout, Compensation and Work Life Balance, Performance


A company in carrying out its activities, will try to achieve the goals that have been set. One thing that must be considered together is that the success of various activities within the company in achieving its goals, not only depends on technological superiority, available operating funds, facilities or infrastructure owned, but also depends on aspects of human resources. Human resources are the only resources that have feelings, desires, skills, knowledge, encouragement, power and work. All of these potential human resources affect the organization's efforts to achieve its goals. No matter how advanced technology, development, information, available capital and adequate materials, without human resources it is difficult for organizations to achieve their goals. Sutrisno (2016). The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of burnout, compensation and work life balance on the performance of Isolation Room Nurses during the Covid-19 Pandemic. (Study at Prof. Dr. RD Kandou Hospital Manado). This study uses quantitative methods. Multiple linear regression analysis was used in this study, using a sample of 56 respondents with a sampling technique using a saturated sample. The results showed that . The burnout variable has a significant effect on the performance of the employees of Dr. Prof. Kandou Hospital Manado. The compensation variable has a significant effect on the performance of the employees of Dr. Prof. Kandou Hospital Manado. The work life balance variable has a significant effect on the performance of the staff of Dr Prof Kandou Hospital Manado


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