The Impact of Advertising on the Consumer in the Selection of Tourism Facilities


  • Nodirbek Ibrokhimov Graduated student, ‘Silk Road’ International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage


mission, money, message, media, measurement, broadcast media, consumer publication


Tourism is described as "travel for pleasure, amusement, kinship, or business, generally for a short period of time." Tourism, in today's terminology, is a type of global link between nations and tourists from all over the world, presenting them with diverse cultures and societies, as well as their history, ancient, historical sites, and languages. Tourism is typically associated with overseas travel, but it can also refer to domestic travel. As a result, advertising has emerged as a critical tool in this constantly increasing worldwide market. Due to its central role in the economic infrastructure of any nation, the growth and development of the tourism industry are essential. By appealingly presenting the nation's historical and cultural features, advertising is a key instrument for boosting tourism in a nation. Advertising is essential to this industry's development because it fosters economic growth, creates direct and indirect jobs, and—most importantly—generates fierce competition in the domestic and international travel sectors. Importantly, cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and Business Ministries and Travel Agencies is required for the achievement of these objectives. In order to determine the best strategy for developing the nation's tourism business, this graduation thesis analyzes the effects of several tourism-related media and advertising tactics. The results of this study showed that handbooks, internet advertising, television, brochures, and newspapers were the most successful promotional tactics for attracting both domestic and foreign passengers.


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